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PCI Express mini card with Sata III

As my computer is old still interface is SATA II, What isn't fast enough to take advantage of the full potential of my Samsung SSD. Because of that, I bought this Sata III mini PCI express controller.

Mini PCI express is a quick bus exactly that many computers have. Generally is close to the PCI express video card.

The Board has two SATA III connectors and two E-SATA, that cannot be used simultaneously.

In the picture below we can see the two SATA III connectors.

To select external or internal connectors must change the 8 jumpers (four at a time) shown in the figure below. The position shown in the photo selects the internal SATA, that is what I want.

Putting on my PC was problematic. My video card is too big and almost coming up in the mini PCI express connector. To prevent short circuit and put a piece of paper stuck with duct tape on the back side of the plate. You can see the paper between the video card heatsink (top of picture) and the controller card.

Turned on the computer without connecting any HD on controlling and everything worked. Appeared this message before you initialize the Bios.

After I connected my HD Samsung Sata SSD 120 GB the Board passes the message below:

To my surprise, Even changing the boot disk motherboard controller for the new windows started up normally. It didn't used to give problem? The bad news is that the SSD was slower, about of 10%, with the Exchange.

Updated the driver, I switched the cable, I changed the connector, but nothing solved. SSD performance continued lower. It was then that I watched in the message that the board give before the bios (pictures 7 and 8 This post): “Using PCIE Gen 1”. I have checked in the specification and maximum data transfer of a first-generation PCIE is even close to 200Mb/s, IE, in this way I can't get the 500Mb/s to the Samsung SSD can provide in SATA III! It wasn't the fault of the Chinese, but the specifications of my mother board same.

Time and money lost, but you can't win them all. At least I learned a little about the differences between Sata connectors, E-Sata and PCI Express mini. I will keep the card for future use, Perhaps you have another idea for using it? I leave below the link of the product bought in DealExtreme, but I notice that it's a good idea to search for the manual of your motherboard before buying anything:

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  1. I have a card just like your, connect 1 HD on it and up normally. But minutes later, even being able to access the HD and write him some. AI have to restart, no more lies 5 me and some.

    • I used to use for a few hours and it worked, I couldn't get the speed sata3, but it worked.

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