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Pandawill is a good sales website of HongKong, specializing in tablets, and mobile phones, Although it also has other products.

The cool of PandaWill is that the search for tablets can be filtered by CPU, price, amount of RAM, presence of 3 g, screen size, Android version and other. Great for finding the tablet that you want without too much difficulty. Look at the figure below:

Android phones can also be filtered by the same items found in the search for tablets, by adding the Dual or Single filter YES, Quad Band or Dual Band and other information.

But sales of mobile phones and not just PandaWill tablets, There are many other products.

The PandaWill also makes pre-sale multiple phones and tablets. Currently the mobile Jiayu G4 is on pre-sale, Although I don't think it's cool to buy cell phones before release because it can take a long time and does not depend on the store, but the problematic Chinese manufacturers.

There is a great line of jewelry and clothes for baby on PandaWill, If you think these items combine…

The orders made on PandaWill just have free tracking number when they're 50 U.S. dollars. This is a bit too high, whereas in DealExtreme the value is 15 dollars and in FocalPrice is 20 U.S. dollars. Do the math before not to find that the price of PandaWill is less. The non-registered shipping is free.

The purchase shown below were under 50 dollars and had to pay $ 1.50 by tracking number. Never ask anything without tracking number, IE, the free option “air mail” not registered. In Brazil it is important that you have this number to complain here at the post office if something goes wrong.

The PandaWill is the only site I know of that allows you to choose whether your product will be posted from Singapore, Hongkong or China. The delivery time varies and is shown in the table below too optimistic. If you're in a hurry can pay to send by Singapore, things arrive more quickly from there.

The payment, as well as in DealExtreme, can be done via PayPal, my favorite, or via international credit card.

Another cool thing on PandaWill are the forums. Once in a while one of their own store puts operating system updates or tips on how to fix defects. The community of some products is quite large and you can ask questions and check problems.

The shop is reliable and full, Although they usually delay a bit to post products. Be careful not to end up buying products in pre-sales (Presell) because you might have to wait more than 3 months before the product finally be sent to you. Buying products that are in stock at time of receipt is, generally, like any other Chinese site. I leave a few links for you to access, including two sites that have discount coupons for this store:

Main site –

Forums site –

Site that offers coupons for PandaWill –

Site that offers coupons for PandaWill –

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  1. Pandawill has much cheaper mobile phones and smartphones than other Chinese sites worth buying.

  2. Hi how are you? I never did buy on sites because I'm afraid of the product have a defect, they cheat me or I be taxed because it's very likely that I am, LOL my dream is to have a cell phone Iphone and the only site that I think has Iphone's cheap is the Pandawill so I was wondering if an example if I buy by credit card still be taxed? And if I buy at the card run some risk.?

    • Adriano

      Risk of not coming is the smallest, because in this case they return the money. Will complain, delay, but return. About come out of order, It is unlikely, But if there's nothing to do but post back to china, with freight paid by you. It's a risk. About being taxed, will be for sure.

      I don't recommend buying iPhone so don't. Buy a cheap Chinese model as the One or the Xiaomi. Are better and cheaper.

  3. What is the most reliable site?

  4. Carlos eduardo oliveira

    Hello, I made a purchase in the store and paid with a credit card but the value was not debited from the card limit and I'm wondering if the purchase has finished or not. This is normal?

    • Contact the card provider, via phone or internet, and check if the purchase was made. Then check on the site if you're with the payment made.

      • Carlos eduardo oliveira

        What happened is that the international card was young and I didn't know but it is necessary to connect first to the operator to release the international use. I asked them to desecrate the purchase and I went to buy on Focaprice the same product that was cheaper. It was the worst thing I did! The site said the product was available but after finalizing the purchase I was wondering why the product had not yet been submitted and to my surprise they said the stock was over. And they don't have to replace the stock forecast! Got screwed.

        • Where you are wrong. All the Chinese shops do it, buy the product only when someone buys. The shops do not usually have large stocks. There is big chance that happened if you bought on PandaWill. Wait until the Focalprice has no history to make the customer wait very.

          • Carlos eduardo oliveira

            I hope so, as it is the first purchase of greater value that do would be very unlucky to be without receiving the product. They offered me a refund or asked if I would prefer to wait, I was a little indecisive but I'm going to leave this. Your reply gave a push.

          • Carlos eduardo oliveira

            The product concerned is the smartphone Haier W910 many people been talking right around.

          • When you get get some pictures and do a review here at TudoVemDaChina! It will be very welcome!

          • Carlos eduardo oliveira

            You can leave! But I just got over a cold water bath to discover that the post office just go on strike, I think I should view this appliance only on Christmas. lol

          • No matter who is at fault, Open complaint with PayPal (If paid via PayPal) or on your card carrier. You can't say that there is no order if you paid…

          • Carlos eduardo oliveira

            I complained to them and they said it was because the product was in stock sold out, Dai made the same as on FocalPrice and requesting reimbursement (I paid with a credit card via Paypal) only the extremely quickly returned Focal ja this Pandawill stated that I have to verify my account within 24 hours which I thought was weird. I saw a message on their forum and there are people saying that waited more than a week to be refunded. How do I open a claim on Paypal?

          • Carlos eduardo oliveira

            JA did the reimbursement, only now to super psyched to try another purchase again on another site. They are not being honest about the availability of their products in stock. The button “buy” Neither should be available when the product is missing, but that's not what I'm seeing out there.

          • It is common in Chinese shops. That's why the price is low. The Focalprice and Banggood are selling less products without stock. The DX does a little more of that and the PandaWill is the champion.

          • Carlos eduardo oliveira

            Man I'm giving a fucking bad luck in those Chinese websites, I canceled the purchase in FocalPrice because they said the product you chose has no forecast for return to stock. I asked for a refund and I went to buy on Pandawill, paid for the purchase of the device there and to my surprise the order disappeared from the site one day after! It's like if I hadn't bought anything. I paid with a credit card via paypal, the transaction is all recorded. The worst part is that they don't answer my emails and chat them never is working. That leaves the forum and there so far I could not figure out how to post.

          • I believe that they will be able to post in one to two weeks. But stay on top of sending emails and complaining!

  5. John Pleasures

    You must buy many devices on PandaWill, is it easier or harder to be taxed on Customs. I want to buy the Cubot M6589, He is very nice. I saw on the internet that many sites put products in simple boxes and that makes a little taxamento. If I am taxed, After I pay the fee, I'll have to take the product at customs or at the post Office of my city?

    • There is the same chance in any case, the staff of the recipe is no fool. If you are taxed will receive a match to get, and pay the tax, the main post office in your area.

      • but for 1 cell phone, the chance is how many % ? why I buy t-shirts in aliexpress via China Post SG Post HK Post never give anything, for mobile phones is the same?

        • Certainly it's bigger, more than 50%. Does not depend on the store, the staff of the recipe is very good at tax cell phones and tablets.

          • Cleiton George

            You know tell me, If I buy a smartphone of some $200,00 and is taxed, how much would this value? And I heard also that if u want the pandawill registers the product for a lower price. How does it work?

          • All Chinese sites register value “different” in the box. Regardless, the recipe can find out the value of your cell phone and charge you some 60% him. Case cover more than 60% You can ask for review by completing a form at the post office. Case cover less than 60% you got lucky! In this case, gives some 120 U.S. dollars…

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