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Sony CPV-3A Portable Charger Portable Charger 3000mAh

I've bought other Chinese portable Chargers, but none of them worked fine. This is the first that really can recharge a cell phone since very little until 100%, still left some energy! Present to you the Sony laptop charger 3000mAh.


A great product!


Comes with instruction manual!


Has a microUSB connector on one side:


And on the other a USB connector.


If your phone have a micro USB connector charge you can use the same cable to recharge the cell phone and the powerpack. Just change the side connector!


After we have the specs. The powerPack carries 50% faster than the cell phone. However, Unable to load both at the same time. Only in a source with two or more USBs, Obviously.


There's the charger with the USB cable ready to be reloaded.


A good product. Before using this charger I thought this idea, of portable charger, It was impossible. This is a great option to give an emergency reload on your cell phone in the middle of the day. I leave below links to the google shopping and others alike in DealExtreme and Banggood:

This charger –

Other chargers in DX – bank?CategoryID = 522

Other chargers at Banggood –

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