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Furby Boom

Furby is a very cool electronic pet, that speaks a lot of different phrases and interacts with people and the environment.


There are so many things you can do with the Furby! This virtual egg still do not know what is…


For work, the Furby needs 4 AA batteries. He never turns off, is forever connected. Most of the time he is sleeping, but when you hear noise or somebody else scale and he initiates the interaction.


Interaction mode the Furby is thus, with your eyes open and moving display:


Also scales the ears and scale from one side to the other.


He's not, IE, It will always be in the same location. He asks several things in Portuguese and others that I still don't understand! It seems, He has his own tongue, the Furbish.


Has a little ass too! He often says “What are you doing?”.


It also says “want food!”.


There is an APP for Android where you can “feed” your Furby. You choose the food you want to give and the Furby interacts saying if you like it or not!


To give this strawberry you have to slide your finger from bottom to top!


There are many options, as the mode where the Furby sings a song accompanied by the app, a voice changer and others to explore! I liked it very much and my son gets mad every time I see the bug. I leave the link to Google Shopping:

HTTPS:// = chrome-instant&ion = 1&espv = 2&IE = UTF-8 # q = furby&safe = off&TBM = shop

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  1. How can I buy a toy to be delivered in Brazil?

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