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Tower Pro 9 g Servo Motor 180 degrees with example application

These small servos Tower Pro are interesting for projects. They simply receive the position, in degrees, and the engine is positioned straight arrow where to stay.


Comes with the servo mechanism and three small adapters, with three screws.


The mechanism is very light and simple. Easy to use.


There are three small adapters for use in the Tower Pro.


Simply plug one of them and you can do a lot of different projects.


An example of a project that recently did was a watch (also suitable for analog meter). Just stick a Clipboard and fit the servo. I used hot glue and it was very good.


Then just connect to an Arduino Uno. I put the servo on the VDC 5V (Vermelho), Mass 0V (BLACK) and PIN 9 (YELLOW).


On the front I printed a analog scale from 0 to 12. So I can make a watch!


Want to see the clock working? Take a look at this video:

I really enjoyed the servo and I'm considering buying other major. I leave the link to the DealExtreme: g-mini servo with-accessories-12859

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