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USB card reader 3.0

My card reader malfunction and I bought this other. Caught my attention the fact that this be USB 3.0!


Is very compact, with local SD and microSD card.


As soon as I saw I thought: I don't know if it's USB 3.0, but the connector is blue!


Below the photo with a microSD memory card connected. Doesn't sound safe to transport the card and the reader together…


My tests indicate that there is actually a difference in speed in reading the cards when connected to a USB 3.0 in this reader compatible. The speed goes up to 10 MB/s while the traditional reader revolves around 4 the 6 MB/s. The card need to logically support that (class 6 up!) or will work at low speed even.

Recommended! I leave the link to the product:,675

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