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Guard cereals “dispenser” with two containers

Passing in Sams Club found in promoting this interesting cereal dispenser.


Made in China! Where more?


Comes with two containers where you can place more cereal than any commercial box.


Of course I filled my favorite cereal: fruit loops!


By turning the valve the cereal falls into the mug in portions of approximately 30 g.


It is true that some loops become trapped and jam the valve.


Very cool, but I think it's more suitable for a hotel than a residence. Anyway, I bought it at sams Club, and I leave the link to their website below:

Sams Club

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  1. Hello!! Very beautiful this dispenser… If it's not too much to ask, could you tell me if the cereals wilt in it?? I saw at Sams tb and I was crazy to buy but I was afraid…
    Thank you very much!!
    Congratulations on your site

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