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LED Light Bulbs

A full Pack of led bulbs arrived here at home! I asked two lamps of every march 1 models chosen in order to replace 9W fluorescent lamps here in my condo.


These are the three LED lamps, from left to right: a spot of 3W, one of 12W and another 5W. They all have traditional E27 and connector are bivolt.


The most potent, of 12W, has 120 LEDs. Is very strong, but it's not very efficient.


The leds are very small and hardly lamp heats up.


This is to lower power, only 3W. Is very efficient. There is a metal sink on the back, Although don't worry almost nothing.


The manufacturer says that this lamp has only three leds. The upper globe does a good job of spreading the light.


This is a light bulb of 5W and 48 LEDs. Just a little less than 12W.


The finish of this one seemed a bit lower than.


To test the ability of the lamps Lighting I used the light sensor (in luxes) the cell phone and compared it with a fluorescent lamp of 20W and approximately 1280 Lumens. Below 20W fluorescent lamp:


The cell sensor registers 10511 Luxes within 30 cm of the lamp.


This is 12W LED.


Only 3999 Luxes.


This is the 3W.


Amazing 2787 Luxes.


This is 5W LED.


Just 2680Luxes.


The table of values found can be viewed below. Do not connect too in the correct physics of results because the cell sensor is nothing reliable. Anyway, the lamp of 3W is surely the best in efficiency, possibly because it is a spot and have good directional light. 12W bulb already didn't seem enough to hit the 20W fluorescent although both have the same specification in lumens from the manufacturer. It is worth remembering what a lumen is Lux per square meter of area.

Description Indicated by the manufacturer Measured
20W Fluorescent 1280 Lumens 10511 Luxes
3W LED 360 Lumens 2787 Luxes
5W LED 480 Lumens 2680 Luxes
12W LED 1200 Lumens 3999 Luxes


Both the lamp of 3W 5W were approved as, Therefore they possess ability to better lighting a fluorescent equivalent. 12W bulb was not very efficient, IE, ended up losing to the same power fluorescent. I leave the link to the lamps purchased from TinyDeal and to others on the website of DealExtreme:

LED bulbs in DealExtreme: e27

3W LED bulb of the text –

5W LED bulb of the text –

12W LED bulb of the text –

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  1. Probably the 3w's superled and the other doesn't. Make enough difference to compare a superled with one of those of 50 common LEDs.

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