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SmartLight LCD clock with alarm clock

I was looking for alarm clocks in China for a long time to find this, that seems to be very good. In addition to cheap!


Has various colors and a writing box in the good old “Chinglish”.


The alarm clock is pretty big. On the side we have day, month and alarm time. Also has temperature.


You select the year although no weekday. Should serve only to show 29 of February. The display looks faded, because this photo was taken with the LCD flashing.


On the back unfortunately my model came all in Chinese. It wasn't hard to find a picture of a similar model in English to learn how to use.


Look at the model in English: fits on the left side the alarm (On and OFF). On the right-hand side we have “lock”, alarm setting, of date and time. The buttons in the Center are for the settings and the sensor is for the night backlight.


Requires three AAA batteries. Only two appear in the photo because the third is on the bottom.


When you touch the top triggers the “NAP” and the backlight lights up.


If you're totally dark, the clock is with a backlight right thing. Enough to see the time and not spend almost battery.


I don't know how long the battery will last, but this clock seemed like the best of all alarm clocks that I found. It wasn't totally in Chinese would be perfect. I leave the link to the product, purchased on BuyinCoins, but that can also be found in DealExtreme:

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