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Lamps e27 3W 260 Lumens very cheap

Looking for LED lamps cheapo Chinese found [url = 757731&b = 573201&m = 52031&afftrack =&urllink =]This for only 1.30[/URL] U.S. dollars! Works fine, Although not very bright, only 260 lumens. Has version White and Yellow!


Gave notice that the box has nothing to do with the bulb. Actually, She is all plastic with only 8 high-brightness LEDs. It's good for corridors or passageways. Spends only 3W, equivalent to a 25W incandescent or 6W fluorescent.


The only metal part is the nozzle. Worked fine until now!


Look at the lamp white version linked. The lighting tends a little blue, but nothing to bother too much.


I like this lamp, because it costs less than 5 real with high dollar. It is good to leave places where people forget often bound. At least, spends only 3W. I leave below link to the yellow and white version, purchased in the store GearBest:

White –

Yellow –

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