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MIPOW Led lamp RGB control bluetooth BTL300, voice command and aromatizer (WITH VIDEO)

Look how cool I found on the website GearBest in promotion: a LED lamp RGB control Bluetooth, voice command and aromatizer. All this for 14.99 U.S. dollars!


Are not several different lamp colors, an internal led, powerful enough, that changes the color of a lamp App Bluetooth control.


Look at the many possible colors in the same product! The LED can be erased with voice command, blowing on them like a common candle.


If you want to, You can use the BTL300 as conventional candle holder. He stays downstairs and upstairs!


Give a gourmet air-fashion-style (and other nonsense) to your environment.


You can buy a lot and spread by your House.


The command App controls the lamp. Can even control more than one at the same time.


You exchange these discs for different scents. I found this photo on GearBest, and it seems the products sold in this store comes only with an aroma. I'm not much notion how long will it last. The batteries, 3AA, It seems that last 60 days (4 hours per day).


Look at the video of disclosure:

Very cool! I took the promotion and bought one for me. If it is legal to buy more. Looks very good to use as a night light in the baby's room, or for reading. I leave the link:

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