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LED lamp e27 7W 600 lumens fluorescent format

This below is one of the best I've seen so far LED lamps. Good quality, good lighting and good resistant. This is a 7W LED bulb, 600 lumens, bivolt with e27 socket.


She came up with this impression similar to Brazilian procel stamp. Similar to other, No?


The lamp is a fluorescent model copy, but internally has 66 SMD LEDs.


Is glass even, It's not plastic.


The socket is e27 and best, the lamp is BiVolt, works since 85 the 265V.


Look at how she gets when connected.


According to my tests, a light bulb of 15W compact fluorescent generates about 150 Lux on my desk, with everything deleted. This lamp comes to 140 Lux, What is very relevant, Whereas needs only half the power. I leave below link to the product: k-66-smd-3014-led-white-corn-lamp-white-85-265v ac-342151

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