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LED lamp e27 6W 880 lumens

While fluorescent lamps produce about of 60 lumens per Watt, the Leds can come near 100 Lumens per Watt. A considerable increase in efficiency, that continues to grow over the years. These three socket e27 lamps (conventional) are of 6W and generate 880 lumens (According to the manufacturer) .


It's a very small bulb and all-plastic. Very cheap also. There is hot and cold white version (Yellow).


Always pay attention to value in lumens, and the lamp power. Less than 60 lumens per Watt is better buy even compact fluorescent.


Below a picture where you can compare an LED lamp of 6W (the right projector) and a flourishing 12W (illuminator to the left). Both have the same ability to lighting, Although different powers.


Another advantage of LED bulbs is the life, generally 10 times. But that I have no way of knowing, only time will tell. I leave the link to these lamps, that for the price are worth a lot to shame:

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  1. Vinicius Mello Lima

    I 880lumens, especially with that amount of leds (led bulbs good has few strong leds). The philips and osram 6w has 450 lumens, being superled. I doubt that this has more than 400.

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