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Kit with 640 metal film resistors 1/4W 64 different values

I bought this set of resistors to do some work. It cost only $ 8 and has 640 of resistors 64 different values. All of 5% of tolerance, 1/4 of W and metal film. If you have problem to read the color code, You can use the my Google program Play for Android.


There are resistors. Too bad I can't find this exact kit. But there are many others both in the DX as in the Banggood.


Comes 10 each value resistors with an appointment. The dark colors of the code a little tangle with the blue background of the resistor.


In detail the 82 k Ohm resistor.


I really enjoyed. Worked without problems and did not come too Rusty. For only 8 U.S. dollars, worth it. Has many other kits in DealExtreme and Banggood, a including 2600 resistors! I leave below the link to some of them:

570 of resistors 0.1 to 820 Ohms –

500 of resistors 1.2 1 m Ohm –

270 of resistors 100 the 2.4 K Ohm – k-ohm-resistor-kit-for-arduino-test-blue-270-pcs-224974

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