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TaxiUbber Rally for Android on Google Play

I'm venturing into playing games and this is my first masterpiece, the TaxiUbber Rally. Programming is my (Adriano Moutinho) and the design is by Gustavo Moore.


The TaxiUbber Rally is basically a 2D TOP-VIEW racing game with 12 cars, a controlled by the player and the other 11 cars by the CPU. The computer-controlled cars can be are both taxis like that another black car that also carries people. What's the name? Let's say it's “Gruber”. Taxis and “grubbers” compete with the player in 10 clues for the Championship Cup.


But has a different detail: computer cars can turn Cab or “Gruber” during the race! When a car of the computer are in front of you in the standings, he turn into cab, acting more slowly and aggressive. However, When you exceed a taxi he becomes “Gruber”, that are faster but less “quarrelsome”.

Do not take a ride in a taxi, because in this case it's Game Over!


There is also a paid version with more tracks and carts.


Program this game was a major challenge, watching people play is my joy. Those who want to take a look, are in:

Free –

Full –

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