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Jiayu G3 – The phone feeling of China

China is in an uproar with the announcement of a new phone called G3 of the manufacturer Jiayu. Most of the shops are, in September 2012, doing pre-order of this fantastic smartphone, who has what it takes to conquer the market.

I'm dying to buy, and no wonder. In China this phone 4.5 inches with a 1 GHz dual core processor, 1GB of memory RAM and LCD retina is being sold for only U $142,00! A bargain. The screen comes with the technology similar to Gorilla Glass from Samsung, IE, is very strong and it will hardly be scratched.

Some people have posted videos of the phone on youtube and it looks like the thing is good. The manufacturer had already made available a lot Jiayu of tests for some Chinese users and other lucky, before you have a problem with the manufacturing license of phones that are, apparently, delaying the launch of the G3 on the market.

With this phone on the market probably will appear other dual-cores to compete, reducing all smartphones. Currently only a few very expensive top-of-the-line, as S2 and S3 of the samsung and the iphone 4 and 5 from apple, features of this technology, that allows a lot more concurrent applications Android.

In addition to the mentioned specifications, the G3 has resolution 1280 x 720 and two cameras, 2 m pixels front and rear with 8 m pixels. A phone with features very similar to Galaxy S3 or iphone 5. And all for about a fifth of the price.

For those who want to check, the phone is still on preorder. The manufacturer is finishing up some final modifications and reviewing the problems of license for this new wonder of China arrives in our hands. I leave the links to two stores, Pandawill and DealExtreme.

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  1. Adriano, I'm trying to really buy this phone, My boyfriend already bought and is forwarded to the Brazil and already left the G4! My father asked me a question to interesting, the “against” There's no technical assistance here in Brazil, or has?!?! For me that's not problem, but he is coach and have these issues to raise….

  2. Thanks for the tip

  3. I don't know why so much bureaucracy for those devices being sold in Brazil, they want to make us pay a fortune in iphones and galaxys of life.

  4. A little more expensive anything, more! 400 U.S. dollars! But it is really interesting…

  5. William Matee

    Another interesting option.. a little more expensive tb

  6. Robertino Mariano Santiago Jr

    Hello, Good night.
    Have you ever bought on pandawill and antelife?

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