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Jerusum CS968 Android Google TV Player

I bought this new Android TV Player to replace my old MK808b, It was dual core. This has the appearance of a router but serves essentially to the same thing: turn any TV with HDMI on an Android device.

In the box we have the appliance, a source, a remote control and other trinkets.

The eyes can confuse the heedless CS968 with a WiFi router. Has antenna and all!

On the side we have two USB and SD card input.

On the other side another two USBs and a location to reset.

After we have a headphone output and composite video (Yellow connector), HDMI output to the TV, entry Ethernet, output Optics for Home Theater and the DC power input. With regard to connectors, This is the most comprehensive Android equipment I've ever seen!

The remote control is very simple, but very interesting. You have until the mouse function that controls the cursor on the screen. It's a little convoluted to use as mouse, but it is possible. As there are four USBs, can you put mouse, keyboard and even one of those remote controls with accelerometer.

There's the paraphernalia that came with the Jerusum CS968: A MicroSD cable, an HDMI cable, the remote control, the source and a support similar to that used in car. I think the support is to hold on TV, Although I have not seen as.

On the front we have the camera (2 m pixels) and the remote control sensor.

There is Android giving boot:

The interface is typical of Android 4. In the configuration we can choose the screen resolution and refresh. I selected Full HD 1080 p 60 Hz.

The WiFi is not as good as I expected. As the device has an antenna, I thought I would have a lot more power out of my network WiFi signal from my room to the living room. It's better than most tablets and Chinese phones, but still inferior to good laptops.

Comes with a lot of Apps installed, Although most in Chinese. It is easy to remove the “junks” Chinese without problems.

I ran some tests playing videos in 720 p via WiFi and it worked perfectly. Below a BlueRay scene in The series The Office.

The Youtube application, Facebook, Gmail and even some games work perfectly.

What I liked most was the Miracast screen mirroring system, compatible with any Android version above 4.2.2. In the photo below the tablet V972 Wave is being mirrored on TV using the Miracast support of Jerusum CS698. The mirrored video is the series How I Met Your Mother. The interesting thing is that although it is a video in 720 p, mirroring is done in low resolution (It seems to me 480 p).

You can play Candy Crush the tablet and show the game on the TV screen. There is a considerable delay, Unfortunately.

This is the presentation of the series Star Trek Next Generation being mirrored. As the quality of the series is only DVD (480(I)), the mirror is just like.

I didn't say the technical characteristics of the equipment: It is a QuadCore of 1.6 GHz with 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. Has WiFi-N support, Bluetooth and MiraCast. All this running Android 4.2.2.

All very interesting for a cheap device. If you bought a TV without Smart (or the Smart sucks), This Android TV Player is a good buy. Below I leave the link to the DealExtreme:


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