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WaterPik Family Oral ESCV Sanitizer-08 PowerPack

I've heard a lot of talk about Waterpik. So much that I ended up buying one just to test! It is an equipment that cleans teeth and gums using high pressure water. Very cool!


This is the model ESCV-08 the PowerPack. It's not a professional dental cleaning brand.


Made in china bought in Paraguay! These photos are bad because they were taken in a hotel in Foz do Iguacu before throwing the box away, to not take up space in the trunk on the return trip.


There's the Waterpik, running at 127V.


This is where valve fits the tip that will make cleaning.


There is an on-off switch on the side of the equipment.


These are the cleaning tips:


The tips can be saved in this acrylic case. I thought it was strange the fact that not all the tips fit Kit!


This is the store for transport equipment, IE, with the inverted container.


It also comes with manual.


There are the finials, from left to direct: two retainer cleaner, four common blasting, two tongue cleaning, two nasal cleaning and a toothbrush.


With the vessel docked for use, the waterpik is so. You can store four most commonly used tips on machine.


The acrylic Kit serves as a lid for the container of the Waterpik.


You can open and take the tips. See how the space is small in the case!


The handle fits the tip you want to use. The fit is quite good: no loose or leaking water.


In gauntlet there is also a pressure adjustment. I found the pressure too high, What can even hurt the gums! Normally I use two levels below the maximum.


See how was the machine in my bathroom, with water inside. The manual says to use warm water and filtered, but I use cold even.


I liked the product, Although the build quality leave a bit to be desired. Works fine, you feel really clean teeth and gums.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any place here in Brazil to sell the product, so I leave the link of shops in Paraguay even!

This product, in Paraguay –

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