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Yoshi Gift Series Diamond Blocks LOZ

Bought this awesome Yoshi to mount! Guaranteed fun!


Comes with a packet with the parts and assembly instructions!


There's the packet, that sounds like food!


Not many parts, only 160. Most is green, some red and white and three black.


I did the silly to fit the pieces equal each other to facilitate. A drug! It was difficult to separate!


There are instructions, with nothing written, only drawings. It takes a while to understand, but then you can assemble with ease!


Here's the final product, with about 12 cm tall! Left over pieces, because I think that it comes to a more even! I fit some where I thought it was worth it, mainly on the basis of, because the Yoshi tends to fall back.


There's the view from the rear mount:


Great gift, but not for younger children obviously! I found the product in TinyDeal, I leave the link:

Yoshi –

Other toys like Lego –

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