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4.8 BlitzWolf sources two USBs

These BlitzWolf sources are great and trusted. I bought these two to go: has two USBs and allow up to 4.8!


Inside the box, only the source…


I bought two equal: one black, one white.


Each USB is able to carry an iPad, IE, loads any other mobile or tablet up to 2.4.


And they come with the standard ”Brazilian ” -making. Actually, is the European standard without center pin, that fits the pattern of Brazil without problems.


They light up a weak blue. In the picture, my other BlitzWolf source of 4 USBs.


Pulling the 0.9 to charge a cell phone:


Not tested if it really goes to the 4.8, but during the trip I carried two cell phones without problems. I leave below link to the product:

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