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Blitzwolf vehicular Charger with 4 USBs, 9.6And 48W

How about buying a brand name car charger. If you have a car phone, a tablet or any other device, one of these cheap Chargers, that can burn and leave you in the lurch, are not indicated. Below we have one of the best USB chargers for car I've ever seen, the Blitzwolf with incredible 4USBs 9.6 the maximum.


Comes in a box with manual. Of course you can't pull the direct one of 9.6 USBs, the idea is that each one has a current maximum of 2.4 to. It's weird to say the total 9.6, but does it make sense.


Comes with instruction manual, like I said. The charger is very compact and has 4 USBs.


Look at the charger.


The product is well done and not worry too much.


I really enjoyed. For me is the best vehicular charger I have ever used. Recommend. I leave below link to the site Banggood:

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