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Parruda source with four usbs

If two USBs No of tablets and Chinese cell that you have, so this source with four USBs can handle.

Comes with taking European model, that fits perfectly in the new model Brazilian ABNT.

The European socket adapter is removable, Although this doesn't seem very useful.

The specification says it can provide up to 2.1, but it doesn't say if it's total or per USB. I assumed it is the total, because 8, 4A current seems a bit much for the font size.

However, as the specification of AC is 300mA (assuming RMS) We'd have power 38W, What would 7, 6A to 5V. To test this exciting conclusion put two tablets and a mobile to charge and heated up a bit, but it worked.

A good product, fulfills its promises. I bought on DealExtreme, I leave the link below: adapter-white-175,149

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