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Butane gas soldering iron

It is quite common to need to do a quick solder somewhere and not have an outlet next. The good solution is this butane gas soldering iron.

Bought at DealExtreme and I had a problem just when arrived. The instructions are all, but all same, in Chinese!

There is no part in English, not even the parts name. Luck was finding a lot of tips in the forums of the own DX and in videos on youtube.

To start, the iron comes with no butane and you must buy a bottle here in Brazil. I had already purchased a by R$11 to fill my Torch lighters, and there's still plenty of gas for use.

Another detail is that the equipment comes originally mounted as shown in the picture below, and the soldering iron tip coming loose in plastic case. With this round nozzle of photo equipment is, actually, a blowtorch.

There are three parts in addition to the blue base. A soldering iron tip, a blowtorch and a double threaded adapter which puts the nozzles at the base.

The soldering iron tip doesn't look tough, and if break I will have to buy another one because there is no spare. Read complaints like this in the forums.

With the correct equipment nozzle is very similar to a conventional soldering iron.

This is butane gas refill which I bought in Brazil. I think there's enough gas to several welds. The filling is a little problematic, I don't have the correct nozzle and a little gas leaks, but it works.

A defect of this iron is that it does not have ignition. You must put it in the ON position for the gas out and then use a lighter to start the burn. The torch is fantastic, long and strong as shown in the picture. You can control the temperature by regulating the amount of gas, for that you must rotate the on-off switch in the direction of OFF. Actually, There is a large distance between ON and OFF where regulated gas output between zero to 100%.

To start with the beak has a trick. Put the nozzle, turn on the gas and light the middle of weld chickpeas with the lighter, then reduce the gas output to around 50% and must expect the inside to stay on fire. When that happens you can decrease hot electronics or increase weld to weld more difficult.

Below the photo of the branding iron. Even with the hassle to do the firing is much quicker to wait for the iron to heat up.

I made a video showing the soldering iron. Check it out:

The only thing that is not in Chinese iron instructions indicates that even the amazing 1300C. The care must be taken with this is that the solder melts easily in 300 c, and so the iron must be used close OFF not to burn anything on the Board. Interesting possibility to solder several wires or large areas with this iron at higher temperatures than the equivalent electric typically allows. Those interested I leave here the link to the product on DealExtreme site:


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