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Finger puppets

I bought a lot of toys for my son, But while he is rather small, are being saved. In the case of these 10 finger puppets.

Are very cute and good quality, especially for the price, only $ 2.89. We have elephant, Rabbit, Panda, dog, Zebra, mouse, Pinto, Frog, bear and hippo.

The quality of detail is good and the puppet is pretty cute not to injure the child if you lay.

Are also very small, Although it is not clear in the photo. Just a little bigger than the size of a finger.

Some pets have better finish than others. The frog, for example, It's ugly as hell.

The rabbit is also a bit too loose.

Look at the video I made with the dolls:

But even if they were terrible, worth the price. I leave the link to the Banggood, for those who want to buy:

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  1. Dear Adriano,

    I really liked these puppets, but I don't know much about this site, is reliable?
    Has many interesting items.


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