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Shower diverter to shower Fabrimar

If you have a conventional shower and want to install a shower or showerhead manual, This Fabrimar with shower diverter is the best option. The idea is good for those who need to bathe children or pets, being reasonably easy to install.


Inside the Pack have the diverter and shower.


See in particular the place where it fits the showerhead. You divert water when press the photo. If you don't press, the water gets into the main shower.


To attach the showerhead on the wall for this piece to be screwed.


Detail of the showerhead, that is the only thing nonmetallic.


The idea of the installation is as follows: you have initially a shower like this, right?


Then you install the diverter that comes with the product.


And then install the shower diverter. When you press the button on the shower, diverts water and passes out just in the shower. Pressing the button again the water comes out only in the shower from above.


I like the product, It's vintage. The installation took just the inconvenience of having to be made to the side, Why down was too loose and I couldn't take one more back. Even so, worked perfectly. I leave below link to Google Shopping:

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