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Set Microsoft Wireless desktop Keyboard and Mouse 800

I never buy mouse and keyboard that is not Microsoft. A long time ago I gave up the lesser known brands, and other also known. These are the best, more reliable and fast I know. Below, the keyboard and mouse desktop set 800 from microsoft.


Comes with wireless mouse and keyboard with only one receiver.


Comes with two AA batteries and a Duracell.


The mouse works with only a stack.


Look at the receiver.


The keyboard works with two batteries.


A great advantage of buying the Brazilian model is that it comes with cedilla.


With manual!


Look at the entire keyboard. Very comfortable and includes a key for the calculator.


It cost only R$149,00 in Kalunga.


Very good product. Really liked it. Cost cheap considering the value of the dollar. I leave below link to Google Shopping, where you can find even better price than my:

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