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USB Card 3.0 5Gbps PCI Express mini

If you don't have USB still 3.0 on your computer that can be fixed by buying a cheap card with 4 USB that can be attached to the PCI express mini bus, present in most modern PCs. This below is a These plates 5Gbps PCIe with 4USBs.


The plate comes with a CD of drivers, but there is no need. In my case, worked perfectly on Windows 8 and in the 10.


The Board has 4 USBs that will be in the back of the computer.


The chipset is VIA, and is PCI express mini bus.


The card has an internal power supply to increase the current capacity of USBs outputs. You must connect it at the source of your PC.


The last one I got burned, without apparent reason, but it may have been some external device powered. This, I bought about three months, is working fine. I leave below link to DealExtreme:,112

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