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Set of tools with triangular keys

Check out the Toolkit, made in China, I found at Leroy Merlin. This was the first I ever saw with triangular keys. Great for those who need to take apart gadgets Chinese who Live breaking often need tweaking.

In addition to the triangular key there are still small philips, Star keys of various sizes and a bunch of others that I don't know what.

The set cost around R$22,00. I think it's worth but I ended up not buying. If I go back there I think I'm going to take. At least by the triangular key, It's pretty rare.
Another common thing now is come written MADE IN P.R.C. instead of china. Strange, No?
For those who want to buy, Leroy Merlin is in del Castillo, on the street of the Designed 550. The same place where there's a WalMart and a Sam's Club, near the Norte Shopping.

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  1. How come all in English,the “P.R.C.” Means Popular Republic of China! But I also don't know why put by “extensive” Like this… Maybe to dribble if you don't like the chinglings? = P

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