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How to remove odor from shoes

Bad smell in shoes and sneakers will no longer be a problem after you buy this electric odor Remover! Really works!

Thanks for the test, It was just 5 dollars and little. It is a weak dehumidifier, reducing odors in this way.

You plug in the socket and put the two dehumidifiers in tennis. There is a led indicating that the circuit is connected. After some time it is noticed that the sheet metal on the bottom heats up slightly, thus decreasing the moisture in suspension. Very similar to any electric dehumidifier.

In figure in detail the two metal plates at the bottom of the product.

One thing different is that the box as the instructions were in Russian, not in Chinese or English as usual. Does stink is more common in Russia?

In figure below show the product being placed in a shoe. As I understand it in the Forum is to put it close to the bottom of shoes and in the center of the same. In General, works …

Who want to test you can buy at DealExtreme for about 5 U.S. dollars. I leave the link down there:

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