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How to identify fake Flash drives or with incorrect capacity?

I bought this 64 GB pendrive in a fantastic promotion in China for less than 50 real! A bargain! Too bad they don't have real 64, It's just to trick backpack! I took advantage of that fell in the tale of the pendrive and I decided to write this text and help others identify false memories or with incorrect capacity.


The build quality is not very good. The part that spins is a little soft but the expense! If it were real 64, logical.


On the back you can pull a cover and there's an OTG connector to put this flash drive straight into tablets or mobile. This Worked!


The first thing to do once you buy a flash drive is full of songs, videos and other files. I did that as soon as the package arrived here at home. If you notice any sudden variation in print speed this is a strong indication that something's wrong. Another clue that you fell in the tale of flash memory is if you notice that some videos or songs copied do not touch or files not open. In this case, must - be baixar um software chamado < a href = " & hl = it & prev = search & rural = translate. google. com. ar & sl = pt-BR & u = & usg=ALkJrhgbliWMxKA-x-oOcIkJ2t7mChz33w"> RMPrepUSB ", specialized em test various types of flash memories.

Download or program, install e clique em “Quick Size Test”. After a few minutes the < a href = " & hl = it & prev = search & rural = translate. google. com. ar & sl = pt-BR & u = & usg=ALkJrhgbliWMxKA-x-oOcIkJ2t7mChz33w"> RMPrepUSB " Returns the true size of the flash memory. In my case, only 32 GB!


For a 64 GB flash drive, the device fool the operating system allowing write data with duplicate blocks or false. In other words, everything is recorded between 32 GB and 64 GB may actually be being recorded between 0 GB and 32 GB. For small files, the operating system won't even notice the difference. Another possibility is to ignore the copies and simply present a “Written OK” the operating system, what justifies the strange increase or decrease device speed at certain times.


To terminate, the software < a href = "" > ChipGenius must recognize the brand and the true identity of the internal memory Chip in your fake pendrive. Download or program, run it and it will be shown the screen below. By clicking “["[D:]".,:]Usb Mass Storage” you receive a serial number description, firmware and device type. en mi case s “["[D:]".,:]”, Pero en otros equipos will be la intención de drive letter.. The “Flash ID Code” my memory is a Single Channel of Toshiba, with only 32 GB of capacity.


IE, only 32 GB of data are useful in this pendrive. We then format it for this ability and not risk losing data. For this I downloaded the < a href = "" > EaseUS Partition Master , which is free, and removed the 64 GB partition as shown below:


I created a new partition of only 31558Mb, Since the RMPrepUSB indicated 31559 valid data less 1 MB I left as a precaution. After you have formatted the drive worked perfectly until today, Although with only 32 GB.

I emailed the store indicating that there was this problem with the product. They initially resisted, but they suggest me back 5 U.S. dollars. Fair for this discount reduces the price of the product to 37 real, more or less the appropriate price for a 32 GB flash drive! Thanks for the adventure! Here I leave the link to the product, the store swears he is really only 64 GB and my pendrive was with “defect”. But I have my doubts. Want to risk also?

About Adriano

Professor, Engineer and buyer of products crazy China.


  1. Ganhei um pendrive de 8gb, como dava muitos erros eu fui fazer o teste. Result: 454mb shauhsuahsua
    Podia ser pelo menos 1 ou 2gb, um pendrive de 400mb é praticamente inútil hoje em dia.
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Mine was a fake SanDisk 16GB + only had 8GB(6999Mib)

  3. Hello, thanks for the tips. It helped me a lot!

    I bought a 32GB for $ 30 and is actually 16GB.

    The only problem I see is if even formatting the flash drive as 16GB I can trust him to save important files.


  4. I bought an 8gb,20 real,tava giving many problems with the files I put on it,I auditioned and made only 221mb usable,fuck it.
    Vlw by post,It helped a lot.

  5. Prof, Thanks for the tips! I bought a pen drive and store recorded normal but when I went to use the programs so I had some! Conclusion was false! In fact, with your help I found out he only had 50% the capacity. Vakleu Abs

  6. Sérgio Guará

    You can answer me there or right here.


  7. Professor, I did the test and it wasn't long before a few minutes no kkk, It took 5 hours checking:

    and at the end of the scan that showed up at the command prompt:

    and finally appeared it here:

    It's a flash drive 512 GB I tried to perform the procedure described for you to test it and verify that it is authentic because the transfer speed was very low (some 876 KB/second) When I tried to pass files to it, the drive is formatted in exFAT.

  8. Congratulations Adriano, the valuable information. I wish you much success in your endeavors. Att. Ed.

  9. Danilo Barroso Banks

    congratulations for the post!

  10. I gave you more bad luck that my only came with 8 GB

  11. Mauro Almada

    Prof. the link to download the ChipGenius being giving as viruses. Has another link?

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