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Where is o pacote? Claiming about minha encomenda backward?

Orders for Chinese products take about of 30 to 60 days to arrive in Brazil. But delays and other inconveniences happen and can jam the delivery of your purchase.


The first thing to do is to check when the store has posted the product. Many times what you buy is not in stock and must still be purchased by store. This will delay the whole process! Visit the store and see if the purchase order is already posted. In, orders posted appear as “FULL SHIPMENT“, or in other stores appear as “SHIPPED“. Posted orders must have a “tracking number”, something RXXXXXXXXXYY. If this number is not available in the send type hired so it will not be possible to trace the package.

If it is more than 15 days and the store still haven't posted the product search for the link “contact us” on the site and write something “Can you please check order number XXXXXXXX? Why is it taking so long to ship this order?“.

Dealextreme Account Manager - My Orders

The Chinese shops send products from multiple locations, but generally use the postal services of China, of Hong Kong, of Sweden, of Singapore and other. If the package late was already posted, the next step is to identify its origin. For that, use the two final letters of the tracing code (“tracking number”). CN is china, HK is Hong Kong, IF for Sweden and SG for Singapore.

All packages can be tracked in site of the post Office of Brazil. However, additional information may be available on the site of the post Office of the country of origin of the package. In the case of packages with postal mainland china origin, with final tracking CN, You must use the official website below to track.

Packages with end HK should be tracked in Hong Kong Post website, from SG at the post Office of Singapore, with origin at the post Office of Sweden and so on. If you can recognize the origin, You can use a international tracking system.

Contact form Direct Link

If the package is already marked as “received” in Brazil and still is too late, the solution is to make a claim on the site of the post office so they seek the package and check what happened. For this use This link and register your complaint. In the first box type “complaint” and in the second “package with international origin”. On the recipient type the name of the store and don't forget to put the tracking number.

If the package is the IRS so there's nothing to do. This is not always clearly stated in the trace. The recipe can hold a package more than 2 months. Continue complaining at the post office!

Talk to the Post

Sometimes it is best to wait even. Case exceeds 120 days should require the site the money back, especially if the product hasn't even arrived in Brazil. Most sites returns the money without problems by sending problems, just look for the link “Contact us” and write something: “Order XXXXXX, tracking number YYYYY is taking too long (4 months) and I think the package is lost. Please refund“.

You can also register the package in Muambator site, that tracks the package continuously and send an email as soon as there is any change. I leave below links to tracking sites:

International tracing

Hong Kong Post –

China Post –

Singapure Post –

Post offices of Sweden –

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  1. I do not know if you can receive my package

  2. I made a purchase on aliexpress and day 29/07 was posted and so far I can't track down the post office. The code is RE435004905SE. I wonder if my order was lost? I can crawl the site and give me the same directlink to search the post office, but since the day 21/08 the package does not receive update. Should I open a dispute and ask for my money back?

  3. I wonder I have to receive an order tracking code: SYBAA02913425 arrived in Brazil day 29/06/2016 and so far I haven't received I want to know why I haven't gotten?
    is still in customs and how's the progress of my object because I'm desperate for news of my object . Since my object comes from the china.nem by mail can trace. Thanks

  4. Rogério Enedino

    My object is as forwarded to Brazil since the day 10/08/16, being that it was posted a day before this date, IE, day 09/08/16. What happens is that, According to information passed on by mail from Brazil, the midterm, estimated for a product from another country come to Brazil is 15 days. Today are 06/09/16 and object has not yet been given as received.
    Several other products ordered have been data as received by post Office of Brazil.
    What may have occurred?

  5. I made a purchase by aliexpress and I can't trace:

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