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Spoon “Magic” the Uri Geller

A lot of people must have known the “Paranormal” Uri Geller, famous in the years 70 and 80 by demonstrate their “powers” in TV shows and concerts. One of his most famous tricks is the bent spoon, You can also do. Just buy this set of spoons “Magic” manufactured in China.

In the package we have two spoons “identical”, a manual and three plastic adapters.

There are spoons!

If you notice well, pictured above, one of the spoons is bipartite, and has a flexible plastic adapter between the parties. As soon as you press this adapter the spoon bend!

You show the spoon in this way, leaving the finger on top of the flexible plastic part.

And go pretending to push so that the scoop will seem to be bending. Actually, only the plastic adapter, What's under your finger, bends.

There's the fully bent spoon, Thanks to my strength and the actual ten paid DealExtreme.

In the picture below we have the two spoons and three spare plastic adapters.

A great gift for those who liked the old programs of Silvio Santos of the 80, where often appeared that Uri Geller. Don't forget to finish the trick must, somehow, mislead the audience so that you can swap the flexible by the other spoon that is already twisted! I leave the link to the DealExtreme:,862

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