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USB card reader 3.0

My card reader malfunction and I bought this other. Caught my attention the fact that this be USB 3.0! Is very compact, with local SD and microSD card. As soon as I saw I thought: I don't know if it's ...

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Pen Drive Minion how much 8 GB

When I was in Paraguay found many Quanta brand products, Although China sells only there. One of these products was this Pen Drive Minion. Has 8 GB and it cost some 20 real. To use simply remove the head of the ...

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Baidu mini USB WiFi router BD-W01YL

Baidu is the third largest search engine in the world and the most important in China. You can tell it's the Google Chinese, that plus software also has some crazy kids products. This is a mini USB WiFi router. ...

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