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Pc hardware and accessories

Samsung SSD 120 GB

After my adventures by buying a very cheap SSD of 32 GB I decided to buy a good SSD model. If the bad model already gave a good improved on my computer, I thought then that the quality would be good ...

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Installing cheap SSD in a slow netbook

My netbook n150 is old and walks a little slow, so I decided to buy a cheap SSD memory in china to give an incremented. This memory had already spoken here on the blog, a 32 GB Kingspec. I left a while on my desktop ...

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Logitech keyboard and mouse MK260

Worth to buy China's keyboard and mouse? Probably not, but this popped up for $ $16,90 in a promotion from DealExtreme and I could not resist. This is a set of mouse and Logitech wireless keyboard model MK260. Was ...

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DVI-HDMI Adapter

If your computer has only DVI output, and your TV has HDMI input then you've come to the right text. This is the DVI-HDMI adapter from DealExtreme. Although DVI is an obsolete format, There are still many video cards ...

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Powerpoint presenter laser USB SP-350

This device is basically a small laser pointer with a USB receiver that serves to make presentations in PowerPoint. It comes in a box shown below: To make it work on your computer or notebook, the receiver should be placed on USB ...

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