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Sound box MP3, USB and memory card

Had already purchased another one of those little boxes that play MP3. I bought this gift now! On the inside we have a USB cable for recharging and a P2-P2 cable to feed auxiliary audio. On one side of the box have an entry ...

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Car radio with mp3

As my old stereo automotive, aka car radio, broke. I bought this on the site Banggood. Attention to the color display shown in box, that has even the PIC album mp3 being played. Pity ...

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MP3 player for sports

You know these headphones to put behind the head? This is one of them, In addition to also being a MP3 player of 2 GB memory. I was surprised with it. Comfortable and with good audio quality. There is no display, only ...

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Singo cute cat speaker MP3/FM

More a cute MP3 player/FM radio. Although small, is powerful enough… There is no display to see what song is playing, What makes cheaper. At the top there are four buttons to increase or decrease the volume, change mode ...

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