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Covers for the phone UMI X 2

The cell phone UMI X 2 must really be getting famous, as it has appeared a generic silicone cover in some stores on the internet. I took and bought two for me:

The seller of the site AliExpress, that's like a municipal market of small shops and Chinese vendors, was announcing two covers for less than 6 U.S. dollars. I gave a talk on it and asked me to send a clear and another gray.

The covers are very flexible and protect the cell.

The bottom has a hole for the microphone and USB, In addition to the speaker that is much better suited in this cover than in the original.

Instead of trying to do a silicone button, as the original cover, This left a hole to access the buttons on the phone itself. Much better, so to avoid accidentally pressing.

I bought these covers on AliExpress, but as this site has different sellers of the same product, as well as the Ebay, It may be that the links left below stay unavailable. So, I left a link to search for cell phone covers UMI X 2 at the end, where it will be easier to find the product or similar.

This text covers –

Another seller –

Another seller –

Search for covers of UMI X 2 on AliExpress –

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  1. I bought this case black for me and another that seems to be more strict, Orange, for my wife.

    After a while of use what are you thinking of UMI X 2 Adriano?

    • It's a good phone. The defect of not 3 g torments me more, After I atualizer the firmware. The camera has some problems, especially in low light and with flash. But overall worth the money.

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