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Capas para kindle 4 Kindle e Paperwhite

My sister bought a kindle, which incidentally is a rather interesting product, and was looking for accessories. DealExtreme then went in and bought the two capes photo below:

The story was as follows: damn Amazon not clear box which model of Kindle you bought. I had to figure, in forums and other sites on the internet, that my sister Kindle, original bought on Amazon, was the model 4 (and do not touch, fire and other). As I had thought initially that the model was “paperwhite” (one that has backlight) I ended up buying this red cape below, that does not fit the Kindle 4 common.

I will sell this capinha in MercadoLivre. Someone is interested? The product is very good, great quality and durability.

On the inside there is a back cover to save some paper. Strange this concern, was not for the Kindle replace paper?

The part where the Kindle is also quite good. I liked the product, sorry that does not fit the Kindle we!

The cover for the Kindle is correct this rose, which is not as good as the red. Both covers are very similar, but the cover for the paperwhite does not allow access to the buttons you need to control the Kindle 4.

The quality does not look very good in this pink cover, but considering the price is reasonable to.

Here is the hint: if you own any model of Kindle, covers not buy on Amazon or shopping stores. In China these capes come out for U.S. $ 30 with free shipping. I leave the links for those interested:

Capa's Kindle 4 (Pink) – http://dx.com/p/stylish-pu-leather-protective-carrying-case-for-kindle-4-pink-109662

Capa's Kindle 4 (Brown) – http://dx.com/p/protective-pu-leather-case-for-kindle-4-brown-135419

Capa's Kindle 4 (Black) – http://dx.com/p/stylish-pu-leather-protective-carrying-case-for-kindle-4-105238

Capa's Kindle 4 (Red) – http://dx.com/p/protective-pu-leather-case-for-kindle-4-red-112875

Capa para Kindle PaperWhite (Red) – http://dx.com/p/protective-pu-leather-case-for-amazon-kindle-paperwhite-orange-177416

Capa para Kindle PaperWhite (Orange) – http://dx.com/p/protective-pu-leather-case-for-amazon-kindle-paperwhite-orange-177416

Capa para Kindle PaperWhite (Black) – http://dx.com/p/protective-pu-leather-case-for-kindle-paperwhite-black-168240

Capa para Kindle PaperWhite (White) – http://dx.com/p/lichee-pattern-sleep-protective-pu-leather-case-for-kindle-paperwhite-white-174430

Capa para Kindle PaperWhite (Brown) – http://dx.com/p/lichee-pattern-sleep-protective-pu-leather-case-for-kindle-paperwhite-brown-174387

Capa para Kindle PaperWhite (Blue) – http://dx.com/p/lychee-pattern-protective-pu-leather-case-for-kindle-paperwhite-w-hibernation-function-dark-blue-178860

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