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Amkov JQ-1 Camera WiFi Mobile Optical Zoom

I bought this camera to test a new Chinese sites. It is, actually, not a camera but a adaptation of lens and CCD with WiFi for mobile phones Android or iOs.

You then put this adapter on your cell phone and take pictures with him, that has a better lens, optical zoom and 14 m pixels. You can view the photos and the preview on the cell phone using an App that connects via WiFi.


Inside the box we have the lens with CCD, a bag to load, an adapter to put on a cell phone, a manual in Chinese, and certificate of guarantee.


There's the camera and CCD. It features 5 x optical zoom, focal length of 5 the 25 mm and F-Number of 3.2 to 6.5. I couldn't understand any type of iris, so I think the F-Number adjustable is some confusion of specification.


On the bottom of the camera has universal support thread.


On the side we have the shot for photos, a button to enable WiFi and leds that indicate load or low battery. There are also buttons that control the Zoom.


At the top we have a power button.


On the back there is the battery and memory card.


The battery is 900mAh. Is small, You can't take a lot of photos before download…


At the bottom of the battery there is a place for memory card. Only works with a card.


There's the camera with the lens out.


It's really nice and can be adapted to any cell phone.


The iris is always open, I couldn't find anything that fit. In other words, doesn't seem to be any variation in F-Number.


There's the camera attached to a cell phone:


To use the camera in any cell phone you must download the program AMK-ICAM. Works right and has Portuguese version.


But before you open the App you must connect to WiFi that the camera generates. Before that you must connect the side button camera WiFi.


The password is 1234567890. Doesn't seem to have as Exchange…


The program opens and you can use the camera. Interesting because you can keep the camera attached to the cell phone or use in any other way.


There are a lot of settings you can do remotely.


The maximum resolution is 20 m pixels, but it is interpolated. The maximum hardware is 14 m pixels.


Any photo can be seen in the Gallery of photos of the program. You can also download the picture to your cell phone, otherwise stay in camera SD.


The quality is reasonable. Better than most cell phones cheap, but it is lower than the cellphone camera of good brand and highest price as the Samsung, Motorola or Nokia. If you have a camera phone of up to 5 m pixels, of more than 5 years ago, This camera will be higher than.


However, the CCD is a bit too noisy.


See the comparison of a photo taken with my OnePlus One and this camera. In a dimly lit environment, the camera can take advantage due to lens and F-Number clearly superior.


However, If the environment is bright the picture from my cell OnePlus One is superior for being less noisy.

one x amkov

Does not replace the camera a good phone and is a clunky to carry around. The battery discharges fast and allows you to take more than a few hours of pictures. In General, is cool because of the optical zoom, very unusual on mobile phones, and because of the opening (In addition to the F-number). It's good for pictures in darker environment, but I don't have flash so it will not make miracles.

If you have a bad camera phone this adapter can make a difference, But if you have an iPhone, Recent Galaxy or phone for good brand, so this camera not worth it. Those interested can follow the link below:

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