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Extended battery for cell phone Zopo ZP-500

We all have battery problems on our cell phones with WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and other paraphernalia. One of the options to increase the time between recharges is buy an extended battery. This is the extended battery Zopo phone ZP-500.

Virtually all phones have this option, but in the case of zp-500 she is unique. In other phones you need to buy an alternative, with a capacity of around 60% to 100% greater than the original.

But there's a catch: the extended battery is thicker than the original, up to double the size. In the picture below we have the original 1300mAh battery (right) and the extended 2000mAh (left).

For the phone close perfectly extended battery comes with another slightly larger cover, who can contain the increase in the thickness of the battery. The device will be also a little heavier, but it will be worth considering that we have 60% more charging time.

There is an extra space at the top of the phone and the staff of Zopo sent this adhesive to fill this space. I didn't put.

In the picture below we have both cell phone covers, the normal (left) and the extended (right).

Below the phone with the battery normal.

And the same phone with extended battery. It makes very little difference in weight and thickness, but allows for more 60% of time on mobile, and that's very welcome Android.

Unfortunately the location where I bought is no longer the battery, but I found this link below in the store I had interest for Aliexpress.


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