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Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Egorápido 2 in 1

This is a great vacuum cleaner as it works without wires, with rechargeable battery. Great for those who have pets at home. In the photo below the same without is in charging, that's why blue light indicating that it is charging the battery.

You get the vacuum cleaner base, push the button and start using. Very easy. The bottom has a great flexibility to enter into any location.

The power is not as strong as a conventional vacuum cleaner, but it's pretty good. Much easier to use because it's just call, you don't have to get that vacuum cleaner clog, plugged into a socket and pull the wire.

It spins some 70 degrees to each side, allowing you to manage it easily with just one hand. Great to pass under the bed or furniture.

On the underside of the cleaner there is a brush that scale particles to be sucked. I didn't like the fact that only these spend over time, and I don't see how to change them.

He has two speeds to choose from on top button. The weaker the vacuum cleaner will work for 20 minutes and stronger by just 15.

Another great idea is the fact that you can remove the main part of the equipment to use it as a mini vacuum cleaner. Very good for cleaning cars or to pass on the table. To remove the small vacuum larger body must press the side buttons shown in the picture.

The vacuum cleaner small, away from the main broom, has only the maximum power level, which lasts about 15 minutes.
The vacuum cleaner does not have dust bag, and can be cleaned in two ways. One of them is quite interesting: You can put a conventional vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the dust compartment by opening this bottom cover.
But if you want to do the cleaning manually you can press two side buttons to remove the dust drum. Pretty easy!
Pressing the levers on the orange color shown in the image above, the core with the filter and dirt aspirated going out. Tip: do it inside a plastic bag to keep the place where you are.
In the photo below the filter inside the support in the dust compartment. You can remove it to wash.
The filter is just a fabric similar to cotton fiber. I think I'm going to have to change it after a certain number of uses.
I made a video using the product. Check it out:
I bought it on FAST, but then I found cheaper in American stores. I leave the link of this last:

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  1. Escape from Electrolux. I had the laptop and ergorápido and both broke the battery with little use and in no time. And the warranty does not cover batteries and the same cost the price of a new handset.
    Search on google and you will see that is the general complaint that mark.

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