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Electric mosquito trap with violet lighting (WITH VIDEO)

This is a little trap, like a small flashlight, but that can killing mosquitoes with high voltage.


The idea is the same of those paddles, but the flashlight has a lighting that attracts mosquitoes.


Has this ring in order to leave hanging for attracting mosquitoes.


There's a power button and shuts down.


There is a possibility to open the top, but I still don't know for what reason.


There is the equipment plugged in. Despite being an equipment designed for 220V, works on 127V although the lighting is dimmer. The electric discharge is given between two metallic internal networks. I tested it with a screwdriver and it worked.


Watch a video about the functioning:

A good product, but so far I haven't got any fly. I'll try any longer to see if it really works. I leave the link to the product:

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