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Popcorn Time, the Netflix pirate!

Attention: Before you read this text be aware that the TudoVemdaChina does not support piracy and does not recommend the installation of any programs that might violate copyright rights. Keeping this in mind, read and do what you want with your information at your own risk!

It's been a while since the Porcorn team, the pirate option in the service of Netflix movies and series. However, that wave of release I didn't give a damn, What a shame, because the service is very interesting, fast, reasonably reliable and still has a catalog with newer movies than the competition.

To install the Popcorn team you need to download the mobile browser application, and Google not Play. The address is


Once within the site there is a link to download the program for Android. There is also option for iOS, Linux and Windows 7/8.


It may be necessary to enable the unknown sources in settings->Security before installing the package.


And then install!


Opening the application have access to the most popular movies. No way was I going to find these movies on Netflix. It's all bootleg!


There is a separate option of movies and series. Better than Netflix, that makes a huge mess between the content.


Here are the most popular series at the time.


You can see new movies, just released on BlueRay/DVD.


However is not as fast and easy as the Netflix. The movie takes about 20 seconds to start, because it downloads via P2P.


There's the moment starts to download the film.


The quality is very good, as far as the Netflix.


Scene from the film Theory of Everything.


There are also famous series with entire contents, all seasons, available. You can watch the current episode of the week The Big Bang Theory.


When you click a number, the APP opens a screen to choose what season and episode.


This is a scene from the newest episode of the series when this text was published.


There are Portuguese subtitles on most content. There are English subtitles and a lot of languages.


There is also option to change the default player and use any other that you want. Very good idea. Not always the player the program itself works fine.


The size and color of subtitles can also be configured.


Amazing application. The Netflix APP is more stable and works best, but the Popcorn time, even ignoring the piracy, It is much more configurable and has simpler interface. Shame there is no application form remember where you stopped watching the movie or series like Netflix. Who knows in the next version?


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