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Samsung GT-E3217B – a simple cell phone

What the Samsung phone you want to buy? Um Galaxy S2, S3? S2 Lite? Or maybe a Galaxy Tab? How about a GT-E3217B?

This is a relatively recent model of Samsung phone. All manufacturers make phones like this, without any function beyond contacts, Agenda, and, Obviously, make calls.

He has a good build quality. Too bad the camera is only VGA.

If you want a phone that serve only to bind, This may be an option. Although I'd rather, for that, one of those old models of Nokia.

Menu on one side and the other Chip options. Without facebook and other “nonsense that destroy society”.

Strangely there is 3 g support. There is even a browser and support for POP email, IE, You can configure the receipt of emails using this phone. Advanced, No?

Looks like someone copied the Nokia menu. Well, lately all these simple phones, several manufacturers, are very similar.

I liked the detail of the keys. They should make all keys of all phones so:

This wallpaper is to look like Windows XP?

Radio and MP3 player are also present.

But has a feature that lets any Galaxy to shame! This phone lasts 6 days in standy by! Great for those who don't remember to recharge your cell phone.

Here's the back of the phone, with model and all.

Although many people, Perhaps most, want mobile phones with WiFi, Bluetooth, Touchscreen and other paraphernalia, We must remember that people don't want none of this. Email and Facebook is stupid for a lot of people, But having a phone with physical keys to make calls may be the most important.

I couldn't figure out his price, I might not ever have available for sale, It is only to give for free with the purchase of any carrier plan.

Those interested in learning more about the GT-E3217 can follow the links below:

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