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Arno Fan Relief

Normally I'm not much with ceiling fan, but this Arno I risked buying. And I think I did a great deal.

The Arno Relief is a great fan, which isn't very hard because most ceiling fans that exist on the market are horrible. When buying check if the fan is 127V (as appropriate to Rio de Janeiro) or 220V.

The paddles are plastic and have a very interesting plugin, as I'll show later in the text.

The body of the fan and chandelier comes assembled and require very little work to put to work. Point to the Arno that thought in people who do not want to spend money on installation.

The contents of the box below: fan, command, chandelier, shovels, ceiling support and instruction manual.

The fan motor is in the picture below. The placement of the paddles is made by sidebar, where there's a fit. There is also a protection for the paddles do not loose. I think it's great you don't need those ridiculous hooks that SAG over time.

Detail of the fitting the blade and wood protection locking the engine for transport. It is worth remembering that the Arno Relief is one of the few, otherwise the only, that has sorting “The” Inmetro in three speeds.

Below we have the three plastic fan blades:

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  1. Good night I would like to know this hard fan long it's fast enough and does not make noise?

  2. Kleber da silva star

    Good night
    How to pop a relief Arno fan, in parallel.
    Thank you
    Eletrolavo Ltda venture

    Mauá São Paulo

  3. Kleber da silva star

    Good night
    How to pop a relief Arno fan, in parallel.
    Thank you
    Eletrolavo Ltda venture

    Mauá São Paulo
    011. 9.3002_2751



    • Adriano

      There is a great capacitance value to obtain the best result of air flow. There can be more, or less. Eventually the manufacturer decides to use a smaller capacitor that more efficient not to let the fan too fast. But usually this does not happen.

  5. I just bought this fan, but the speeds 1 and 2 virtually no fans and 3 fans very little. Does it have any manufacturing defect or installation?

  6. Bought a year a ceiling fan Arno Alivio, Leroy expected change apartment to install when you open the box was not in control. Do you know where I can buy.

    • Adriano

      If you refer to the remote control, this fan does not even come with a. But if you refer to the command on the wall, you can put anyone with exhaust / ventilation that will work. You may be able to buy an original in or on any mercadolibre.


    Hello I bought a fan Arno Relief so that broke the chandelier does anyone know what size

  8. Hi Adriano, I'm with a doubt, If you can enlighten me, I bought a ceiling fan relief arno, is my second, because I liked the model, What I don't get is aware that the environment that I'm going to install this new fan has parallel lamp connection, and the fan control does not allow. Do you think I can buy a generic wall control to install the fan, If Yes, What kind of specification should be aware of, that technical specification of capacitor should I look for.
    Thank you.
    José Luiz

    • Adriano

      What a coincidence! I had the exact same problem. To resolve I got a white key on-off switch externally just like he's in control of the fan but with two poles (IE, a central connector and one on each side). There is just to connect three way with the other switch “parallel”. This white on-off key I took from another fan command. These commands they sell in stores and are very cheap. If you have problem in installing the three traditional way (also known as switch “parallel”), you will have to hire an electrician.

  9. Israel santos

    Good night I wanted to clarify a doubt installed two fans Arno relief and bought a controller and two capacitor but unfortunately it didn't work , is it because the original driver is three wires enlighten me please obrigádo

    • Adriano

      You want to turn on the fan at the same time with just one controller? In this case, Maybe the wiring or connections are wrong. Really are needed two capacitors (one for each fan). The fan has three wires, When there are two threads is because the capacitor is on the roof along with fan.

  10. Rogério Cardoso

    A fan that has a good manufacturing engineering in Spades is the Aliseu Earth New. But are very expensive and very bad finishes. It may seem strange to mention good worse while rsrsr. The question that, What determines to be a good fan is speed in RPM and its physical structure (form) in spades. In the case of Aliseu, He has a similar physics of propellers of mono plane engine. They can have efficiency for blowing and spreading the wind better than most. But as I said , your material are very bad, and the city has just not worth, in cases that reaches almost the price of an air conditioner around $ 550.00 the 700. To buy a fan keep in mind your area in M ² . Wind power may not always take into account the rotation in RPM since the blade structure influence very.

    • Adriano

      I don't know this model. I bought one that had specs a little better than the Year Relief, in LeRoy even, and even though he then fan very, make some noise. Not always the specifications define the best model…

  11. Good morning, Adriano. I bought four of these ceiling fans. So far, were installed three. Caught my attention the fact that the exhaust speeds of them (of the three installed) be quite different ventilation speeds, This is, on the three power-speed ventilation is very good, not matching this fact in exhaustion. In speed 3 of exhaustion, of all appliances, they are very slow. This is normal on this device? I know some other ceiling appliances with exhaust in the ventilation and exhaust speeds are similar…



    • Adriano

      I also noticed something wrong in exhaustion. Electrically, It makes no sense, should be the same speed, only in opposite direction…

      • Yes… And as the Arno, the company, does not your technical staff specialized in this range of devices (not to meet), We ended up having to call the isolated technical assistance. Some don't know anything but other realized that, only reported that the exhaust velocity should be less even. There, I wonder why? And the answer is simple: the exhaustion is slower… Does not convince! Concerning the “electrical part” (electrical components) There could be something to justify this? Are very different ventilation speeds and exhaustion…!

        • Mean ” There's no technical staff specialized”

        • Adriano

          It's weird, Maybe it's a fault in the circuit or a mechanical problem. One idea is to reverse the wires and ventilation exhaust (reversing the reels) to see if the defect remains or changes for ventilation. If change, is the circuit, otherwise a mechanic…

          • I will try to. And you answer, then. Thank you very much for your attention, Professor!

      • I buy 2 relief fans, and I also realized that to ventilate it works the 3 speed, in the exhaust mode he's still slow 3 speed, What intrigued me, I didn't like, because what I see out there always has good exhaust velocity.

  12. How many light bulbs he supports and how many Watts maximum?

  13. A good fan , However the chandelier ,looks like an eggshell. It would be much better if it was made of plastic.

  14. Maria Cristina Dill

    Good morning Adriano! As the wiring was not passing through the conduit had to opt for a universal remote PW. The problem is that it only gets the hood…

    • The electrician should check what the default installation of universal control. Does not appear to be defective fan, If exhaust wheel should rotate for ventilation. In the worst case, ask the electrician to invert the wires forever fan vent, and never stay in exhaustion.

  15. If you do not install the fan wire, can interfere with ventilation??

    • Won't work. Almost all of the ceiling fans work with two windings. One of them receives power directly and another by means of a capacitor. The capacitor creates a delay in receiving the energy and this delay causes the magnetic field is different in both windings, What does the fan turn.

      To connect the exhaust just connect the capacitor in the first winding and to fan the capacitor must be in the second winding.

      Disconnect the second winding, that receives the “the fan wire” will prevent the fan from turning.

  16. I bought 3 fans Arno Relief, I didn't see any capacitor in the box, they come on the fan?

    • I think that the capacitor is in the box 4×2 (you have the speed control). It is more common in current ceiling fans.

  17. every fan has to have a capacitor, cerfto?

  18. celito da maré

    I tried to install one of these and I wasn't very good because despite having installed several others around,the problem is that despite doing everything right the motor just makes a noise as if the electrical current came in it but does not rotate to fan so pro hood,What can be?????????????

  19. Hi! I had seen this post a few months ago, and hj I need to buy a ceiling fan to replace some q are fanning v. little on my avoh. You still like this arno estah relief ? It ventilates well around ? Embrace! Oh, did coach at cefet-rj, and tb'm addicted to these Chinese swag, last month bought nearly 100 hehe.

    • Nice to have been a pupil at CEFET and meet here on the site! This is the best roof I know, Perhaps the only really good. All my three I have are still working…

  20. Michele Malik

    I like this fan… But the price is good salty?

    • Here I found the 199,99. Is more expensive than the average, but not so much…

      • Good morning, Adriano!

        What is the ventilation air flow of this fan and how many m2 he fans?

        • Adriano

          I tried to find in the manual, but not found. Ventilate well to a fan of this size.

          • Rogério Cardoso

            This fan runs for up to 28 m ² 260RPM … But is not the best on the market. We can say that is the best cost benefit, but not the best. All fans Arno has “problems” exhaust is characteristic. But we have other models/manufacturers as Spirit 302 with 20 m ² 420RPM ; Nano 25 m ² 440RPM Impire. Are expensive, but efficient. The finish of the Arno is usually good , but this isn't the best Relief. But a very good place to see fans specifications is on the website of Leroy Merlin.

          • Adriano

            Good info Rogério, Thank you so much for enrich the Blog.

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