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USB host shield for Arduino (WITH VIDEO)

If you have any thing like USB mouse, keyboard, adaptors for game controls or even PS3 and PS4 controls there is a great chance to put them to work using this label: a USB host shield for Arduino.


Despite the salt price, the flexibility that this label can give, in interface with lots and lots of USB hardware can transform your project by placing a wireless mouse, for example, to run engines on a remotely.


The card fits in any Arduino Uno and features a USB connector.


See that there are also two USB white, those front panel PC, to put other USB. It is a USB HOST, IE, There is support for more hardware at the same time.


See the label already fully engaged in my Arduino Uno.


I put my wireless mouse to do a test with HID devices (Human Interface Device), that are supported by the label:


The Library for Arduino must be downloaded at this link, see the enormity of devices that are supported:


I put it to run the USBHIDBootKbdAndMouse program and he can find perfectly all the movements, mouse clicks and my wireless keyboard. Is that model that mouse and keyboard are together.


I made up a video showing the program HID running with my mouse and keyboard. Take a look at:

The support is amazing, a lot of devices including Bluetooth, LCD, HID, PS3, XBOX, PS4 and other. The bad is the price of the card. Something else problematic is the use of the library, that has a C well wrapped and filled with classes, variables, Constants property half crazy. But a lot is just copy, Paste and hope to work. I leave below link for the card bought at DealExtreme:

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