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UDI U830 QuadCopter with four-channel accelerometer sensor

I bought this QuadCopter (or will be Quadcóptero?) in a promotion on the website Banggood. Very cool! Guaranteed fun for the weekend!


In the box we have the QuadCopter, for those who don't understand is a helicopter with four propellers, the remote control, a microUSB cable and the battery charger.


Also a manual in CHINESE! I'm glad that Banggood has made available the link to the English version!


The remote control has a central lever that controls the up and down QuadCopter, or to Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.

To move the QuadCopter left or right should move to control this direction. There is a system of accelerometer that detects the movement of the control! Very cool!


On the side we have two buttons that make fine-tuning if the QuadCopter is running wildly.


The control is powered by three AAA batteries and has a rear button, reminiscent of the Wii control button, to do “mortals” with QuadCopter. When you press this button the pet will beep and enter in “loop”, following the remote when you turn in any direction!


The battery charger is this below. You must disconnect the battery from QuadCopter and connect the charger to charge. That I didn't like, with the time should break the battery cable. They could have put a connector to load directly!


In addition to the manual, comes with these additional instructions to make fine adjustments in the QuadCopter.


Down there we have the flying bug! The plastic nets serve as protection for the propellers. My ugly fall several times and still not break! It's very resistant, Although no opinion.


On the back we have the battery connector, disconnected to carry the load.


Is not easy to control the QuadCopter. Not recommend for closed environments in any way. A tip is to always put it in the air with propellers oranges for front and black back propellers (closer to you), in this way the control with accelerometer will be aligned and a move to the left in the control will do the puppy go to the left and vice versa.

I haven't been able to do loops, every time I try one of these “mortals” the result is indeed mortal and the QuadCopter falls to the ground as crazy. I'm still working! It's great fun! I'll see if I record a video of my estrepolias! I leave the link to the site Banggood QuadCopter:

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