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U8 Smart Touchscreen Watch Phone Bluetooth

Recently bought another of these Smart Watch that are fashionable (model M26), and I decided to buy this for test. The model U8 has the same functionality, with a slightly larger display.


Within the package we have a source, even burned on first use, a metal bar that doesn't know what it's for, a manual and a microUSB cable to load.


There's the clock. The design is beautiful and the bracelets are of good quality.


See in detail the 1.48 inches with three touch buttons.


On the back, where you see a white patch, We have a sad story. The location of this adhesive, I put, There was a metal cover. On the first day of use, This watch has fought all the way and I had no choice but to open. The metal cap was bad and I put this sticker to protect.


On the side we have the microUSB input for recharge, a speaker and a microphone.


On the other side the power button.


There's my adventure. After that I removed the metal cover had to remove four philips screws.


On the inside there is no reset button or something. Only the source and a small circuit.


I then removed the source and short-circuitei! Was the despair…


And then started working again! Look at the main screen. The watch is touchscreen.


There are several functions that can be used without any phone around. Others need a bluetooth-connected phone paired to the clock. One of these functions is shown below, the ”FIND PHONE ”, When the phone is beeping to be more easily found.


It also has the Dialer, that enables you to make a call in own clock, without taking the phone out of your Pocket.


Look at the Dialer:


It also has a sensor of temperature and pressure.


Look at the video I made about the product:

I liked the clock, Although the features are a little weird. For the price, is a great product. I leave below link to who had interest:,801?Utm_rid = 32082367&Utm_medium = affiliate

About Adriano

Professor, Engineer and buyer of products crazy China.


  1. Good morning Adriano.
    Como voce causou o curto circuito com um clip?
    Voce apenas tocou o clip na bateria ?

  2. Não conecta no meu J5 de jeito nenhum.
    Já tentei de tudo.
    Instalei aplicativo é nada. O telefone não identifica o relógio.

  3. Olá amigo comprei um faz um tempinho, só q ficou um tempo parado e não está querendo ligar nem aparecendo nada quando coloco pra carregar, sabe me dizer oq devo fazer??

    • O meu também estava assim, então deixei um bom tempo carregando, e quando pegou uma carga, ele acendeu e apareceu a bateria carregando.
      Demorou um pouco porque vem totalmente descarregado.

  4. Good afternoon.
    Recebi um hj. Liga , mas o touch screen não funciona.
    What to do?

  5. Adriano good afternoon
    O meu não está ligando, ele tem q ficar na carga primeiro ,para depois ligar?

  6. and Thonnyel

    Adriano boa night, I bought a U8 and he caught just like your general also do not want to open or short-circuit the battery coz with my luck it would burn kkk if I expect it will download it back to normal? And if he can come unlock the lock again?

  7. Mine crashed… How do I short circutar with a clip?? Help me

    • Adriano

      You have to open, find the battery to short circuit. If you don't want to open, can wait a long time until the battery completely discharge and the reset is automatic.

  8. How to short circuit the battery Adriano.
    Presented the same problems here as soon as I got out of the box :/

  9. Hi Adriano. I just ' get’ the smartwatch clock and presented the same problems that your. Watch completely locked and tbm do not work, only the direct power on pc.
    So I would like to know, How can I short out the battery? I'm going to appeal the warranty but I would like to go using it anyway. Thanks in advance for the initiative.

  10. I'm thinking of buying a phone from China but I've heard that a few times here the chances of being taxed have increased. You know what a chance more or less to be taxed, It is more likely that I am or not?

    • Adriano

      The chances of you being taxed have increased. Although not always you be taxed on 60%. I, for example, I was taxed on 50 real in this watch. The recipe arbitrates taxation…

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