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WeMos D1 Development Board – the evolution of the Arduino Uno now with WiFi

When I saw this plate selling in Banggood site for only 8.49 dollars I was very pleased. The description said that the Board had WiFi and was ”compatible with Arduino IDE ”. When the plate arrived, I noticed that the WeMos D1 It was something much better than a simple copy of the UNO model, It featured a series of very interesting improvements.


Looking at the plate, It might even be someone confuse with an Arduino UNO. However, the processor is not a ATMEL, a ESP8266. This processor, It works up to 160 MHz, has integrated WiFi and it works with 32 bits. Much better than the ATMEL 328 with the advantage of cost basically the same thing.


The Board has the same plugin that the Arduino Uno and, segudno the manufacturer, has high compatibility with shields and UNO programs. I tested some programs and it really works.


One of the few differences is the microUSB connector instead of connector like the UNO.


Too bad they don't have as much support for this wonder. Oh! The WeMos has 4Mbytes Flash memory built-in! WiFi can be client or server, can be Access Point and all! Very cool!


To use the Wemos, You can follow the instructions in the manufacturer's website. You must first open the Arduino IDE, go into preferences and type in ”Additional Boards ” the URL ” ”.


After you click Boards Manager, Find ”ESP8266 ” and asks to install. I tested the version 2.0.0 and it worked.


Once installed, appear several sample programs for you test, as shown in the picture below.


On the side we have the indication that a WeMos D1 is connected. The processor can work on 80 and 160 MHz.


All I ran ran, Although I haven't tested many shields. My only complaint is the compile time, that is at least 5 times slower than the UNO. Correcting this, I think it's goodbye Arduino Uno and welcome ESP8266! = JB0100137663201303TC

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  1. Good morning!
    Professor get me out a doubt. For this card if you stay on stand-by for a few hours she auto-desconecta and loses network (the ping command no longer works),but he's still connected?

    Very strange. Already made the test?


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