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Shield for Arduino prototypes Void

For those not familiar, Arduino is an open source platform that simplifies prototyping projects, Besides facilitating the learning of electronics and programming.

This below is a card without any special function, but that adds more space for welds, connectors, components and wires in Arduino, I call empty special prototype shield, with mini protoboard for rapid tests without welding. Made for Arduino Uno.


Has the connectors in exactly the same position to fit the Arduino Uno, There is a standard weld plate at the bottom and at the top.


The top has two leds and two buttons, that are not connected to anywhere! You must make the connections according to your project.


The mini protoboard, also known in China as breadboard, fits perfectly between the connectors. Facilitates quick Assembly and testing.


See what “Shield empty” plugged to an Arduino Uno.


See that the “Shield empty” has the ID of the pins of the Arduino Uno, so there is no need to disconnect anything.


Good product. The fitting of the parts is good and so far worked perfectly. Recommended! I leave the link below: breadboard-blue-142,256

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