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Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-i9600 G900M

Of course it's not worth it to buy an original Samsung S5 in China. Although they are manufactured there, the price here in Brazil ends up being better, even more if you use any bonus to purchase directly on cell phone. It was my case! Introduce the famous Galaxy i9600 S5.

But if you are keeping an eye on batteries, capinhas and other accessories for S5, It's easy and cheap to find in DealExtreme.


Brazilian original bought in Vivo. Has a list of supported bands on the back.


Comes with instruction manual, great quality headset, source and charging cable (not shown in the picture).


There's the cell phone with her famous bottom hardware button.


At the bottom we have a cap recharger connector and microUSB data 3.0.


The phone is a little thick, Maybe to put the battery and to be waterproof.


On the left side we have the power switch.


At the top we have a headphone jack output.


The back has a very beautiful building and good quality. You can see the speaker output, the flash and the camera of 16 m pixels.


Detail for the camera and for the heart rate sensor, to the right of the flash.


The battery is small, Why don't cell size did all? The performance is near 10 hours of use of 4 g, which is pretty decent for a smartphone.


The battery is approximately 2700mAh. If I were a Chinese cell phone I would say that is too small for the specification. But it must be true, No?


The below is a micro USB connector 3.0. Can fit any microUSB in it, but it will work in 2.0. Funny thing is that the connector that comes with the phone is a standard micro USB 2.0. There are cables 3.0 that has HDMI support and allow the direct phone call to TV.


Detail for the hardware button and two touchscreen.


With the phone on we have the Samsung standard interface, the TouchWiz. I've never been a big fan.


Comes with a lot of applications. I think this is a bad idea. Better to let the user go installing what you want.


The following settings a default icons instead of text. Confused, but easy to use considering that there is a search to find easier what you wish.


NFC support, Bluetooth, WiFi and other.


There are a lot available in personalization and themes.


The Dialer is not the standard of Android, but it is very similar. Everything works fast and perfectly.


There are 4 g support, 3G and 2 g. You can choose the band on the screen below:


Full support to Google Play.


Comparing with the OnePlus One (left), the processor is a little behind. It is a 2.5 GHz QuadCore SnapDragon with 2 GB of RAM.


Below some of the hardware settings, as the screen of 5.1 inches, Android 4.4.2, 16 m pixels camera and resolution of 1920×1080.


More hardware information.


NFC support, GPS and AGPS.


The camera is very good and quick. In relation to other mobile phones, I really liked the color fidelity.


Has a lot of Samsung's own apps, including a store only from specific software for the cell phone. Below a TV programming system that shows what's on cable TV.


The phone has remote control support, having built-in infrared hardware. Can control any TV and integrates the programming system. Change the channel for you in the decoder.


Below the Samsung apps store.


The hardware button below is also a digital sensor. You can register more than one to unlock the cell phone.


As I don't like TouchWiz, use the iLauncher which leaves the cell phone with the iPhone guy.


Picture of my room using the full resolution of the camera. Don't look at the mess.

54dc2a2eb53dd_foto taken from oneplusone

Now the photo taken with the Chinese phone OnePlus One. See that the color of the photo of the S5 is much better. All cameras feature Samsung.

54dc2a2aae67d_foto taken from galaxy s5

But in terms of resolution, doesn't seem to be much difference.


Great phone. Fast, easy to use and everything works great. The battery is only reasonable, but there is a mode that allows you to use your phone for longer if you are near the power runs out. This phone costs 1700 real, IE, is expected to be much higher than even the Chinese. However, Some features are comparable to and even lower than. I leave the link to the Google Shopping and to the Samsung Web site:

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